horn of plenty

Are you interested in …

  • learning to garden organically?
  • mastering the art of cooking and preserving fresh fruits and vegetables?
  • having fresh produce from your own garden all year round?
  • enjoying the peace of mind of knowing where your food comes from?

The Gardener's Kitchen offers a series of hands-on workshops that guide you through the complete process of growing and enjoying your own organic vegetables. Each workshop focuses on a different seasonal aspect of the yearly vegetable gardening cycle. Each course includes reference materials for your gardening library.

Our workshops teach you expert ways to …

  • select your garden site
  • properly prepare garden beds and soil
  • select cost effective supplies and materials
  • choose and sow vegetables
  • maintain and sustain your plants and soil
  • manage pests without pesticides
  • harvest your vegetables at their peak of freshness
  • prepare and cook your vegetables in healthy and tasty ways
  • preserve your bounty for use long after the harvest has ended

All gardeners - no matter what skill or knowledge level - will benefit from these workshops. Gardening novices who may be concerned that vegetable gardening is too expensive or complicated will quickly discover that with an affordable initial investment and a little sweat equity anyone can produce wonderful organic vegetables to eat year round. Experienced gardeners will discover new techniques to refine their gardening, cooking and preserving skills.

Individual consulting design and garden set up services are also available!